Authentic Italian
Dining Experience

About Inforno

Located within the Hamilton Piazza precinct on Beaumont St, sits authentic Italian restaurant, In Forno, and the man behind In Forno, Harry, has a passion for Italian food, in particular, the way in which pizzas are made, right from the flour used to the final touches of toppings.

“I’ve been very keen on Italian cuisine especially the pizzas. I love the way that Naples in Italy does their pizzas. I used to watch videos from Italians on how to make pizzas. But I don’t speak or understand the language so my friend who is Italian would sit with me and translate everything for me.”
- In Forno Owner - Harry

Using the world’s best flour, Caputo which is made right in the heart of the city of pizza, has been specifically designed to make the perfect pizzas, which is exactly how all the best bases for authentic Italian pizzas are created.

The space itself consists of both indoor and outdoor seating, so you can enjoy a long boozy summer lunch under the low hanging plants in the courtyard or head inside for a warm beverage in the cooler months. That big brick wall is certainly giving diners their first jaw-drop moment and learning about how they came to be here, you can understand why.